Finance key selling point for installers, says MD of new Double Glazing App

With installers facing the prospect of having to adapt to the ‘new normal’ when the industry starts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, offering finance will be key.

That’s the view of John Cohen, the managing Director of Virtape – the company behind the new smartphone pricing app Double Glazing App.

Double Glazing App allows a prospective customer to remotely measure their windows and door, submit them and receive a price for replacement ones in under 90 seconds.

Launched early due to demand from installers to help them cope through the lockdown, Virtape has since secured an agreement with specialist home improvement finance provider Shermin Finance to allow the app to provide a monthly finance option.

“Double Glazing App was set to be a game-changer when we launched it in March due to its ability to accurately price replacement windows and doors without the need for a home visit,” said John.

“Being able to offer a finance option now really does make it the complete package for installers.”

For businesses who do not currently offer finance, Shermin have some solutions and have agreed to waive the onboarding fee until the end of May to help installers moving forward.

A helping hand

Once the customer has measured the windows/doors using the app or a tape measure and submitted the results, they receive an accurate quote from the app instantly, alongside a monthly finance price.

And with many customers uncertain of spending money in the current climate, finance could prove a key selling point for installers, explains John.

“Many people will have a new-found appreciation of the homes and the lockdown may have highlighted the need for new windows and doors, however they may be understandably wary of spending their savings.

“Finance will be very important, and a simple monthly finance package will provide a payment solution better suited to the demands of today’s homeowner.

“And, at a time when more and more customers will look to finance options to fund their home improvements, offering one will help installers win more business.”

The here and now

With showroom and sales visits currently off-limits, providing a prospective customer with a price is proving increasingly difficult for installers.

Double Glazing App is licensed by the approved installer and potential customers download it from the installer’s website. After selecting the style, colour, and handles, submitting the measurements, and receiving their quote and the monthly finance price, they can then confirm the price by booking a survey and sign up in the normal way.

John said: “We had been gradually moving away from face-to-face contact before as people don’t always want a company to come to their home for a meeting to quote them. When the lockdown slowly starts to lift there is likely to be a period of adjustment and this could well be the case going forward.

“We also know that up to 96% of homeowners do nothing when they go to a website and 50% of them are looking for affordability before they even get involved with sales.

Whatever the case, installers will have to adapt to the homeowners wishes in the next few years, so being able to price jobs remotely is an absolute must, for both today and in the future.”

Don’t get left behind

Hundreds of installers have already registered their interest in Double Glazing App as they look at ways to extend their offering to customers and stand out from the competition.

“Double Glazing App will provide an attractive option to customers and will make it even easier for installers to sell their products and for customers to deal with them,” added John.

“And, ultimately, if you don’t change your sales strategy for both now and in the future then you run the risk of being left behind and missing out.”

Virtape, a sister company of Leads 2 Trade, is waiving the monthly licence fee for the duration of the coronavirus outbreak and installers will run on a month to month agreement so there are no long-term commitments.

To register your interest in the Double Glazing App, visit or for more information call 0161 764 2553 or email