Fire away

Shelforce has launched a new compliant 30-minute fire, smoke, and security resistant door in the form of the Fireshel.

The Fireshel has been fully EN tested 3rd Party Accredited and is compliant with the latest 2020 MHCLG Annex A recommendations.

Shelforce says that the new door will be the perfect solution for Local Authorities when it comes to specifying or replacing fire door sets. And the specialist Local Authority window and door manufacturer already has several hundred orders in the pipe-line.

Howard Trotter, Business Manager of the Birmingham-based company said: “We’re always eager to launch new products and support our customers as much as we can.

“We hope that the Fireshel sets the standard for Local Authorities when it comes to fire doors as it ticks every single fire, smoke and security box.”

The Fireshel

The Fireshel composite fire door utilises the FireFrame® dual fire, smoke and security compliant fire door set solution from Winkhaus which includes the FD30 / FD60 FireFrame® outerframe, and the Winkhaus AV2 auto-locking multi-point door lock with optional access control.

It tested to resist security and fire including TS008 compliant letterplates, numerals, eye viewers, door knockers and security chains.

The door has also achieved all the new stringent recommendations set by the MHCLG and has proven 30-minute fire resistance consistency having been fire tested from both sides many times to EN1634 -1, achieving 49 minutes fire resistance.

The low maintenance door, complete with fanlight glazing panel, has also been PAS 024 Security tested for security compliance.

“We have been working on this for two years and it’s been wonderful working with the likes of Winkhaus to finally make it happen,” said Howard. “The Fireshel is a solid and secure door that performs exceptionally well.”

Providing confidence

It is a legal requirement for fire door manufacturers to provide test evidence and documentation to show their product’s ability to resist fire and any fire door installed must have a Field of Application from the manufacturer.

The Fireshel Field of Application confirms that the door has been fire tested to EN1634 -1 from both the inside and the outside and has proven fire resistance performance.

Fire doors must also be third party audited for both fire and security compliance and have third party certification.

Fireshel doors are Q Mark 170 Scheme 3rd Party Accredited. The independent Q Mark audits at the Fireshel production facility ensure that the tested fire and smoke door specification is consistently and repeatedly manufactured with the exacting same specification as the security door specification.

Howard said: “Landlords or building owners should reference and carefully check the manufacturer’s test evidence/certification and documentation for proposed fire door sets to ensure that it adequately demonstrates compliance and meets the performance requirement in the Building Regulations guidance for fire resistance and smoke control from both sides.”

Adding value

Shelforce are also set to add value to its proposition too. With the latest Government advice suggesting that it will be a legal requirement for all new fire doors to be routinely inspected and maintained regularly by a suitably qualified professional, the company is hoping to offer a comprehensive fire door package with its Fireshel system, ranging from fabrication through to installation, maintenance, and emergency repairs.

“We want to provide the complete fire door package for Local Authorities to make it as easy for them as possible and give them peace of mind that not only will the doors perform correctly and in line with every piece of legislation, but they will be inspected, maintained, and repaired in the future too.

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