Government Guidance Vital as Industry Restarts

During the COVID-19 crisis, the GGF has remained at the forefront of breaking news and conveying key guidance to the industry. As the Government is starting to rejuvenate the economy, the GGF calls on companies to adjust to the safety guidance and ensure that all work is carried out as safely as possible.

The Government Guidance issued on 12th May, included more detailed guidance that was integrated in the two new GGF Safe Guides; one for companies/individuals working in homes and one for occupants in domestic properties wanting to make home improvements.

The information in the GGF Guides, underpinned by the official Government Guidance, has provided the clarity and criteria required to allow companies to decide if work can be undertaken safely or not.

John Agnew, GGF Managing Director commented, “It is vital that companies carry out a proper risk assessment for each and every job and that the Government Guidance is continuously followed. I am aware of many Members who have already made the necessary adjustments to their working practices and I expect all Members to adapt to the Government Guidance to ensure their employees and customers’ health and safety takes priority.”

The GGF Safe Guides and numerous articles on the GGF website have been produced in partnership with Members, industry experts, Government officials and GGF Senior Staff.

The Safe Guide for Homeowners, underlines the important service and products the industry provides to consumers. The GGF and its Members are well aware of the need to rebuild consumer confidence and recognises the significant contribution that consumer spend on home improvements makes to driving the UK economy.

John Agnew adds, “Following the recommencement of work as clarified by Government last week, it is imperative that the supply chain re-connects for the benefit of all, from manufacturing though to domestic installation and homeowners. Above all though, is health and safety and I urge all companies to ensure they follow the GGF Guides, which are firmly aligned with the Government Guidance, for working safely during COVID-19.”

Both GGF Guides are for all companies in the industry to use and are available for free download and viewing on the GGF website