Automated route planning optimises Morley Glass deliveries

Morley Glass & Glazing has invested in new software to optimise the dispatch and delivery of its popular Uni-blind sealed units with integral blinds inside.

The company, which makes thousands of deliveries across the UK every week, has introduced Fleet Wizard automated route planning to all 26 of its delivery vehicles. The software gives Morley Glass & Glazing a clear visual of its weekly orders nationwide and enables the company to carry out easy load planning for vans that takes into consideration both location and load capacities, helping to save both time and fuel.

With Fleet Wizard, Morley’s planners and dispatchers simply load data into the software’s easy-to-use dashboard which then automates multi-depot, multi-route, multi-drop scheduling. Optimal trips are created, and resources assigned in a fraction of the time needed for a manual planning process.

Ian Short, Morley Glass & Glazing managing director said: “In the past, route planning could be a very time consuming and sometimes arduous task, but this new software has allowed us to further revolutionise our production process.

“Fleet Wizard has now been integrated with the rest of our glass management software, so our team is able to completely trace jobs from the moment they’re ordered right up to delivery. It also gives our customers an easy way to track their order, and even sends them accurate ETA emails that allow them to better plan their own production around their order’s arrival.”

To make the most of the vans, and prevent them from returning empty, Morley Glass also offers customers a free glass collection service. Any post-consumer glass that customers return to the Morley site is turned into cullet in the company’s glass crushing machine before being sent to Saint-Gobain for use in new float glass.

For more information visit or the Morley Glass YouTube channel