Pricepoint remote selling tool for installers hits the market

The latest tool designed to support installers in the post Covid-19 era has hit the market.  Pricepoint, from industry software stalwarts MP Logic has been launched and has been described as the ultimate remote software selling tool for window and door installers.

Crammed full of amazing features it enables installers to sell to their customers online where they’re not able to meet them face to face, or use it in the customers home where they can.

The easy to use system has been designed to enable homeowners to input their existing window designs into the software, lets the installer gain an understanding of their needs and wishes through its smart tools, and then ‘meet’ the customer online to discuss the designs they might want for their new windows and doors, the colour and glass options available to them and what hardware to choose.

As designs are agreed installers can simply build up the price from their existing price lists and add them into the quote, and through the branded software can produce a professional document for their customers to review.

Once the customer is happy, they can even sign the contract document online using an ‘e-signature’, another of the many smart pricepoint features.

So, what makes pricepoint such a ‘must have’ tool for installers?

Pricepoint includes over 1 million window and door designs including bow and bay, leaded and Georgian options.  It includes the widest range of colour options for window and door profiles, and for composite doors.

Installers can add their window and door costs, installation costs and any building works costs directly into quotes from their existing price lists, meaning they don’t have to learn a new system.

They also benefit from pricepoint’s Manufacturing Intelligence which means that if a customer asks for a window that cannot be made, the software will ask them to make some amendments – to the style or the dimensions.

They can also add their logos and company information into the system to make the quotes and contracts they produce look professional and stylish.

The system takes minutes to set up and has easy visual commands at every turn, and comes with an extensive helpdesk function should installers need any additional support.

Pricepoint is hosted on the latest Microsoft Azure technology platform, all in the cloud, and means it can be used anywhere – whether the installer is in the office, at the home of a customer, or when they are out on the road, and it doesn’t even need to be connected to the internet.  The system is available to download directly from the app store.

Pricepoint is smart technology, modern thinking designed for a new age.