Haffner Murat to open new factory as mask manufacturing takes off

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, automation machinery specialists Haffner Murat pivoted to manufacturing face masks to help overcome the critical shortage throughout the world. The company has just announced it is to expand this part of its operation to meet growing global demand having secured a sizeable 10-digit £ contract with the USA.

Dave Thomas, Managing Director of Haffner Murat, commented: “We are delighted to be able to support the continued demand for face masks. As such, we are opening a new dedicated factory in Istanbul and building 25 machines to fulfil growing order volumes. By opening a new facility to focus on face mask production, we can maintain lead times for our core operation, which is automation machinery.”

Dave reports that demand for automation machinery is also on the rise since the Stafford-based company reopened their business in June.  He said: “Fabricators realise they are going to have to look at new ways of working to be able to operate efficiently in the new normal. Automation machinery allows them to maintain social distancing without compromising quality or efficiency and we are seeing increasing order volumes as a result.”

Haffner Murat has a reputation for the quality of its engineering expertise and this has been in full evidence in this latest development. The company moved rapidly when the global shortage of face masks became evident. As well as installing new machinery, the team achieved the relevant accreditations to be able to manufacture and supply surgical masks globally within a matter of weeks.

Dave commented: “I know our customers truly value the expertise we are able to offer. It was great to see how this expertise came to the fore again in the pandemic and that we’re playing our part in controlling its spread while still supporting and growing our core machinery business too.”