Conservatory roof replacements to top the home improvement wish list

A high-performance tiled roof system for conservatories is set to provide an attractive prospect for the ever-increasing number of homeowners looking to expand their living space.

With a spike in Google searches for ‘conservatories, ‘home office,’ and ‘home gyms,’ since lockdown, it appears that the home is set to change from a living space to a multi-functional space.

And that’s good news for registered installers of SupaLite’s Tiled Roof System, which will increase in demand as a result.

Steve Hacking, Managing Director of SupaLite, said: “Despite the country slowly easing out of lockdown, people are finding that working from home, whether full-time or part-time, is the new norm. And, despite gyms being given the go-ahead to open their doors again, many are not willing to take that chance, and instead want to continue exercising at home.

“And with the recent news that there could be a potential second wave of the virus in the winter, getting the right extra space sorted at home for any eventuality is the number one priority for people.

“They will be looking at ways to achieve it, whether through replacing their inefficient conservatory with a retro-fit product or investing in a brand-new conservatory, complete with a high-performance solid tiled roof.”

A space transformed

The SupaLite Tiled Roof System uses lightweight aluminium beams and rafters, 100mm high-density, humidity-proof, insulation and high-performance ExtraLight roof tiles to achieve a U-value rating of 0.18W/m²K.

It undergoes thorough testing and is subject to extensive research, producing a compliant, resilient product which is compatible with all roof styles. The system is easy-to-install and fully accredited for Building Regulations approval.

The Tiled Roof System will transform any tired conservatory into a welcoming living space free from wind and rain noise, leaks, and extreme temperature fluctuations.

“The SupaLite system instantly transforms a conservatory into a usable space all year round, opening up a whole host of possibilities for whatever the homeowner has in mind, whether that’s an office, gym or an extra space to relax,” said Steve.

Take advantage

While the SupaLite Tiled Roof System is the market leader when it comes to high-performance, it’s the support that SupaLite provides alongside it that sets them apart.

The company now has a dedicated training space and showroom site near its headquarters in Preston for its partners to utilise. And along with its original SupaLite roof, it offers solutions to suit all types of conservatory and orangery and a full range of design and customisation options across all roof systems, with the showroom, and the training, refreshed and updated regularly.

Becoming a SupaLite Registered Installer has never been easier and with the market in its current buoyant state, now is the time to take advantage.

“After months of lockdown homeowners have gained a new appreciation of their homes with a renewed desire to increase their living space and the way the industry has bounced back in the last month or so has backed that up,” added Steve.

“People have been used to spending Monday-Friday at home instead of in the office or at the gym, and the reality is things may not change for a while yet so this will be a boost for the industry and home extensions.

“And with the Summer Budget announcing the abolition of stamp duty up to £500k, there will be even more incentive for homeowners to invest. It really is the time for installers to take advantage.”

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