Test results show potential of new double glazing pricing app

Test results carried out on a brand-new pricing app that allows consumers to measure their windows and doors and get an instant price have shown its potential in creating instant leads.

And Virtape, the company behind the app, is giving all installers a free 60-day trial to see the benefits for themselves.

Virtape, a sister company of Leads 2 Trade, deployed the app on some of its high-ranking web assets during the Covid–19 pandemic to test certain marketing methods.

The number of people who clicked the link to download the App was between 4%-10% of website visitors, while 20% of those downloads measured their windows and doors using the app and over half of these booked a survey to confirm prices.

With the correct website placement and adverts, for every 1000 web visits the app would expect to see up to 10 people requesting an installer to confirm a price or help them measure, and this is with no extra effort or budget.

Virtape Managing Director John Cohen explained: “We know every website is different, and different marketing will produce varying results for different installers, so we want every installer to be able to try it out on their website to see if it can create free leads and orders for them.

“Once we know the app works we will agree a monthly license fee and the app can continue to make the installer money. If the app does not work on a specific website we will remove it, at no cost.

“While we know the app will work best on high traffic websites, we don’t want to exclude any installers until we have tested the app, so this offer will be for any installer regardless of the current website.”

For the 60-day trial period Virtape will provide all the links, standard banners and create a unique app for each installer with their logo, prices and contact details within their own app. All survey requests will automatically go to the installer complete with the survey form, so everyone knows what has been measured and which styles, colours, and prices the consumer has been given.

To register for a free trial and transform your business, visit www.doubleglazingapp.co.uk/smartphone-quotes or for more information call 0161 764 2553 or email johnc@leads2trade.co.uk.