BFRC Cuts Through the Noise with New Acoustic Performance Ratings

Window and door manufacturers can now offer customers increased confidence in the acoustic performance of their windows and doors, thanks to a new, independently verified noise reduction rating scheme set to launch in August.

BFRC, Europe’s leading ratings system for windows and doors, is launching the brand new noise reduction rating scheme, in response to homeowners who are increasingly demanding higher levels of quality assurance for their new windows and doors.

Not only must new windows and doors look the part, homeowners also want full confidence that new products will meet their expectations, including proven noise reduction performance.

Windows can play a vital part in reducing the level of noise entering the home, particularly for homes close to roads, railways or impacted by air traffic noise. With homes increasingly becoming peaceful retreats from a hectic outside world, making them quieter, more pleasant places to be can also improve wellbeing.

The independently verified BFRC Noise Reduction Scheme will be a huge selling point for manufacturers, who will be able to show their customers how their windows and doors compare to the competition. The labels provide an easy to understand system for homeowners, and in turn show a commitment to customer satisfaction, guaranteeing the quality of their product and ensuring they stand out from competitors.

New labels have been designed for the scheme, using the BFRC’s highly recognised and trusted label system, giving an instantly recognisable comparison against another product’s acoustic performance, and providing installers and homeowners with evidence that window and door products will deliver as promised. Marketing materials have also been designed and will be made available for customers.

“We’re delighted to launch our new Noise Reduction Scheme,” said Lis Clarke, BFRC’s Operations Director. “There’s been a huge amount of work involved in getting to this stage and it’s very exciting to see how the industry will take advantage of a new product coming to market.

“It’s important that as a market leader we continue to innovate and provide new solutions to our customers that will help them increase sales. Being able to prove the acoustic performance of their windows and doors as well as proving energy performance with BFRC ratings is a huge boost for them and provides a genuine USP as to why their products should be used over those who make unsubstantiated claims.


“We hope that as the industry comes out of lockdown they, like us, see the need to respond to ever changing consumer demands and stand out from the crowd. This is just the latest in a series of exciting new developments we have planned and we can’t wait to see the new scheme being used across the supply chain.”