Want more sales and higher-value orders? Include customer finance options in every quote from only £6.86 a month

A quick and intuitive new app is transforming the way installers sell.

Payaca lets home improvement businesses secure more work and increase order values by giving customers the option to pay on finance, and the ability to upgrade on products and services in a single tap

Homeowners can borrow up to £35k in just two minutes, with almost instant decisions, and customer payouts as fast as the same day.

What’s more, they deal directly with third-party finance providers, meaning minimal hassle for you.

Payaca also incorporates a CRM and job management system that fully integrates with popular accounting and invoicing platforms, and is accessible by phone, tablet or computer anywhere in the world.

4 in 5 UK homeowners say access to finance heavily influences their decision to buy, and over half can’t afford the upfront cost of home improvement work worth more than £1,000,” comments Matt Franklin, Payaca CEO.

“And now, with the economic uncertainty caused by coronavirus, people are crying out for more flexible, manageable ways to pay. That’s exactly what Payaca provides.”

“Best of all, what you pay for Payaca depends on how you use it. Need it for less than 15 quotes a month? Then you pay less than £7 a month. Up that to 50 quotes and it’s roughly £14.

“Need up to 150? Then our Silver Package is just £24 a month. Want more? Get in touch, and we can create the perfect package for you.”

Payaca is already winning fans from across the nation, including successful Sheffield based windows, doors (and more!) installer Priory Home Improvements:

“We’d been asked by customers about finance before, but always put off looking into it because we assumed it would be a lot of hassle”, explains Managing Director James Burgess.

“But when we discovered Payaca, we were shocked at how easy it could be. We’ve been able to make several big sales by making it easy for customers to spread the cost, and we’d thoroughly recommend Payaca to any home improvement business.”

To find out more, visit www.payaca.com, or download Payaca from the App Store or Google Play today.