Want to save yourself a small fortune in hardware costs? Read on…

Aluminium fabricators could save themselves a small fortune by changing their hardware buying habits and going direct to the manufacturer – this is the view of Michael Hewitt, sales director of Durham based AT Precision.

AT Precision manufacture rollers and hinges for aluminium bi-folding doors, and Michael puts forward a convincing case as to why fabricators should re-think how they currently source components.

“Most aluminium fabricators buy their bi-fold hardware from either their systems company or a distributor. Buying profile and hardware from the same source is probably quite convenient, and even buying hardware from your distributor may seem more cost-efficient, but it’s by no means the best value for money,” comments Michael.

“An aluminium fabricator making 10 bi-folds per week could save themselves £1,200 per week – or £60,000 per year – by sourcing their hardware from AT Precision. We do the math as part of the AT Precision sales pitch, and fabricators are often staggered when they see the savings they could be making.”

A £60,000 saving sounds great, but the pessimist would of course assume this means there is a compromise in quality. Not so according to Michael.

“Our products are manufactured using cast aluminium, which is much better quality than the zinc-based components you find on the market. Our products are at the premium end of the market, but our prices are much lower, which is a real ‘win win’ for aluminium fabricators.”

If high quality and low cost isn’t enough to convince you to switch over to AT Precision, the company has one more major selling point up its sleeve – speed of service. “We offer next day delivery as long as you place your order with us by 1pm,” explains Michael.

“The window industry supply chain is really creaking at the moment, so we’re finding this element of our service is really appreciated by our customers.”

AT Precision bi-folding hardware is compatible with Smart Systems, and they will soon be offering solutions for other aluminium systems in the not too distant future. The company will also be launching a range of gaskets and plastic components later in the year.

For more information, contact AT Precision on 0191 581 6508, email sales@atprecision.co.uk, or visit www.atprecision.co.uk.