Schüco Expands Range with New AW CT 72 Window System

The new AW CT 72 window system from aluminium specialist Schüco combines the timeless design and intelligent technology that are reflected across its product portfolio. Designed for cost-efficient and simple fabrication, the system can be used in both residential and commercial settings.

The level of prefabrication of Schüco AW CT 72 can be increased through profile processing leading to faster production and improved reliability. Profiles can be supplied to be customer-rolled, pre-rolled or rolled by Schüco and a dual colour option is also available. Polyamide and polythermid insulating bars are available. The glazing bead does not require a glazing bead clip but can be clipped into the vent profile direct.

The system features the Schüco CoreTec fitting which was developed especially for Schüco AW CT 72 and is perfectly tailored to the window.

Reducing the complexity of fabrication means that both larger fabrication companies with industrial processing facilities and also smaller scale fabrication can significantly increase their efficiency levels. Fabricators also receive additional planning support through the SchüCal and SchüCad software solutions, as well as other Schüco services.

With AW CT 72 opening units, all gaskets are located in the vent frame, removing the need for installation in the outer frame and further simplifying the fabrication process.

The Schüco AW CT 72 window system also benefits from the Integralmaster sun shading available to be built into the glazing bead. The Integralmaster is an internal roller blind system without bulky cassettes or lateral guides.

The AW CT 72 offers an optimum price-to-performance ratio thanks to its balanced combination of basic depth, face width and a U value of 1.3 W/(m²K).

The new AW CT 72 window system is an impressive addition to the Schüco range of modern, high-tech aluminium windows.

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