Quickslide Upgrades Service and Efficiency with Evonet Business Management System

Quickslide has once again highlighted its commitment to improving standards and service with a comprehensive overhaul of its business management and IT infrastructure.

The latest investment will allow the West Yorkshire based fabricator to drastically reduce its reliance on old fashioned paperwork, introduce digital, automated documents for invoicing and order notes, and allow for much greater efficiency in the processing, manufacture, transport and delivery of its market leading product range.

Developed using the latest EvoNET management tool from fenestration industry software specialist, Business Micros, the new system means that every order that arrives at Quickslide can now be tracked from the factory floor, right up to point of delivery.

As well as being able to automatically generate orders into delivery runs, the new system integrates with satellite navigation to work out the most efficient delivery route – arranging drops into order for drivers – and introduces a host of other commercial benefits for Quickslide that include automatic email and text messaging delivery updates for customers.

Quickslide’s managing director, Ben Weber, commented: “We are constantly looking at ways of improving our operations, systems and standards and with EvoNET at the heart of the business we now have much greater control and visibility of our processes.

“For Quickslide, the ability to automatically send and archive digital invoices, sales orders and delivery notes has clear advantages in terms of reducing the amount of paper and ink we use, as well as the time saved on office administration, but there are direct benefits for our customers too.

“Bar code scanning enables us to keep track of orders, as well as introduce another level of quality control, but will also soon allow our customers to access the status of their order online, which in turn will help them to manage their workload more efficiently,” he continued.

“The EvoNET system links with TomTom, so it can work out the best route for our drivers prior to departure and enables EvoNET to alert them if anything has been missed before they head off, or if an order is left on the wagon by mistake between stops. It virtually eliminates the risk of errors and means that our customers have even greater confidence that their orders will arrive on time, which in turn, delivers a better level of service to their homeowner customers.”

To complement the addition of the new EvoNET system, Quickslide has also appointed a Software Engineer, a new role that has been introduced to help facilitate further developments to the company’s business management strategy and one that underlines its commitment to ongoing digital improvements.