Apeer Offers High Quality Composite Standard Doorsets In 12-15 Days

Includes 44mm Flush Fit; 70mm Double Rebate

As many UK doormakers quote lead times of 12 weeks and more due to delays in the supply of door slabs from Far Eastern factories, Apeer is quoting delivery from order in just 12 to 15 days, to anywhere in the UK and Ireland, including in-demand 44mm flush fit and double rebate styles.

With the delays caused by a number of factors and especially a global crisis in shipping, including well-publicised container shortages, Apeer manufactures its own high-quality GRP-faced, steel-strengthened, high-density core slabs in its 120,000 feet2  local factories. The company’s longstanding policy of manufacturing as much of its product range as possible from British and Irish-sourced materials and components, is designed to reduce the company’s exposure to such shortages. Apeer also operates its own glass processing and decorative unit lines, which gives its products the highest local content of any popular composite door brand.

Apeer’s standard range includes a huge range of styles, colours and options together with one of the door sector’s finest consumer-focused marketing packages, including lead generation, high quality colour brochures, an excellent website and professional videos. And available in less than three weeks from order to anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

Call 034 5673 9333 now to find out more.