Mul-T-Lock presents new look for its patented platforms

Security specialist Mul-T-Lock has unveiled a new, integrated branding strategy to boost brand recognition and create clear product hierarchies for consumers, with the aim of driving sales for locksmiths.

The new branding strategy includes a united logo, new platform names, an updated colour scheme and premium-designed new packaging to integrate each of Mul-T-Lock’s patented platforms – creating a stronger association between the brand and the hierarchy of its products.

As part of this rebrand, the patented platforms have been renamed structurally to clearly demonstrate the value of each product. Platforms will be represented by the name “MTL™X00”, ascending in number according to value, and appearing on both product packaging and on Mul-T-Lock’s legendary key heads.

Currently, the Mul-T-Lock brand is recognised all over the world by its trademark name and logo, blue colour scheme, and unique key shapes, with locksmiths very familiar with the company’s various platforms: MT5®, Interactive®+, ClassicPRO®, etc.

However, research recently found that consumers would benefit from a better understanding of the hierarchy between the various platforms, and that both Mul-T-Lock and its customers could benefit from strengthening the association between the brand’s identity and products.

Sam Shterenshus, CEO of Mul-T-Lock, comments: “As a company, we pride ourselves on being a locksmith’s preferred partner, but as we continue to strive forward we aim to open up the conversation to consumers also.

“After in-depth research, discussions with valued partners and locksmiths plus focus-group testing, we decided to adopt a new scalable naming system that would immediately click with customers.”

Whilst remaining the trusted and professional brand that locksmiths love, going forward end-users will be able to understand each platform’s position in the range, with this understanding starting a more open dialogue between locksmith and consumer.

The new branding strategy stipulates that the new display boxes will carry only off-the-shelf products, shipped in plastic bags and refreshed blue boxes, where locksmiths can decide which packaging to use according to their go-to market strategy.

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