Partnering for success: AT Precision empowers fabricators with quality, innovation and trust

Over the past four years, AT Precision has carved a niche as a leading UK hardware supplier for window and door fabricators. And with a focus on in-house manufacturing, quality and affordability, they’ve earned a loyal following. We sat down with Sales Director Michael Hewitt to discuss their latest innovations, commitment to sustainability, and how they’re helping fabricators thrive in a competitive market.

So, Michael, let’s start with the basics. Can you tell us a bit about AT Precision and what kind of value you bring to the UK window and door fabrication industry?

Absolutely! AT Precision is more than just another hardware supplier. Our core mission is to empower businesses with high-quality hardware solutions that are both innovative and affordable.

We manufacture a wide range of products in-house, from the sleek and contemporary Everglide range of aluminium bi-fold hardware to the Everseal range of gaskets, as well as our very own high-quality range of aluminium profile. We’ve also recently introduced Recycled Thermal Reinforcement bars thanks to an in-house recycling scheme, as well as the EcoLath range of uPVC roof laths and joists. And with competitive pricing thanks to our streamlined processes, we help our customers stay ahead of the curve without compromising on performance.

Sustainability is also crucial to our ethos, so you’ll find plenty of eco-friendly options in our offerings, from recycled materials to energy-efficient production practices.

AT Precision seems to be on a roll lately. What’s driving this momentum?

Firstly, we listen to our customers, as it’s their needs and demands that fuel our innovation. The recent launch of our EcoLath roof laths and joists, and the introduction of Recycled Thermal Reinforcement bars, are prime examples. Customers want sustainable options, and we’re delivering.

Secondly, we constantly invest in our manufacturing capabilities. Our recent £370K investment in a new extrusion machine expands our capacity and product range, giving us even greater control over quality and cost.

You mentioned affordability. How do you manage to offer competitive prices while maintaining high quality?

It’s a balancing act, but one we’ve mastered at AT Precision. The secret lies in our commitment to in-house manufacturing. By cutting out the middleman, we eliminate unnecessary markups and keep costs lean. This translates directly to competitive prices for fabricators.

But competitive pricing doesn’t mean compromising on quality. In fact, in-house manufacturing gives us complete control over every step of the process, from sourcing raw materials to the final polish. We meticulously choose our suppliers, ensuring they meet our rigorous standards for durability, performance, and sustainability.

Ultimately, our mission is to empower businesses with exceptional hardware at attainable prices. We believe that affordability and quality shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. By bringing both to the table, we hope to be a trusted partner in building secure and cost-effective windows and doors.

Sustainability seems to be woven into everything you do. Can you elaborate on your green initiatives?

You’re right, sustainability is not just a trend for us, it’s ingrained in our DNA. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond box-ticking and translates into real, tangible actions in every aspect of our operations.

Let’s start with materials – we actively seek out recyclable materials for our products, reducing our reliance on virgin resources. For example, our EcoLath roof laths and joists are crafted from a high percentage of recycled plastic, giving them excellent performance while minimising environmental impact. We also implement a closed-loop recycling system within our facilities, capturing waste material and reusing it in production, further reducing our footprint.

We’ve also invested heavily in lean manufacturing practices to optimise our production processes and minimise waste. From streamlined workflows to energy-efficient machinery, we constantly strive to do more with less. This means less energy consumption, less raw material usage, and ultimately, a smaller carbon footprint.

Finally, with rising costs and fierce competition, what advice do you have for window and door fabricators to stay ahead?

Partner with suppliers who share your values and priorities. Look for companies like AT Precision who offer quality, affordability, and innovation. Embrace sustainable practices – it’s not just good for the planet, it’s good for business. And most importantly, build strong relationships with your customers. Understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations will solidify your success in the long run.

AT Precision’s message is clear: innovation, sustainability, and customer focus are the cornerstones of our success. By partnering with us, fabricators can not only secure high-quality hardware at competitive prices, but also future-proof their businesses in a rapidly evolving market.