Promoting industry competency is a top priority for HOPPE (UK)

HOPPE (UK) has launched bespoke door certification training for staff to ensure they’re complying with and giving advice in line with the latest regulations.

Clause 148 of the Building Safety Act outlines the liability relating to construction products and came into force on 28 June 2022. As part of Condition A of this clause, if a person who markets or supplies a construction product makes a misleading statement in relation to it, alongside the three other conditions, they can be held liable to pay damages.

As part of an ongoing internal initiative to ensure compliance with the Building Safety Act, Karen Nelson, business development manager at HOPPE (UK), and Rob Mottram, technical manager for ARRONE, a HOPPE brand, have been delivering door certification training to all customer-facing team members. They have also held separate sessions on the same topic for some of their customers.

“In order to understand what customers are looking for, meet legal requirements and then advise the customer accordingly, understanding the terminology associated with testing and certification is crucial,” explains Karen.

“We want everyone who interacts with the HOPPE (UK) and ARRONE teams to feel confident that they’re dealing with competent individuals that have an in-depth understanding of architectural ironmongery.

“Knowing and understanding the standards and regulations that directly affect products is a crucial piece of this. As construction product manufacturers, we have responsibilities under the Building Safety Act that should not be taken lightly, and certainly aren’t by everyone at HOPPE (UK) and ARRONE.”

The training includes an in-depth look at the full testing process for doors, the associated paperwork, and third-party certification, and is being used as part of the team’s ongoing professional development.

HOPPE (UK) has eight staff members who are Registered Architectural Ironmongers (RegAI), sixteen are Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI) diploma holders and a further six are currently studying to become diploma holders.

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