Conservatory Outlet Boosts its Green Credentials

Conservatory Outlet has taken a further leap towards being fully waste-free.

The manufacturer of windows, doors and living space products has implemented several additional recycling programmes over the past twelve months.

As a result, the percentage of materials being disposed of and sent to landfill now stands in the single digits – a reduction of over 20%.

Central to this success has been Conservatory Outlet’s decision to engage with various recycling specialists to review its waste management processes and make a series of marginal gains across the business.

This has led to more recycling points being installed at its 60,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Wakefield which allows for a wider range of materials to be collected and recycled.

As the recycling scheme expands, the aim is to be fully waste-free by the end of 2024.

Also, the company has created a dedicated on-site waste management collection point for its customers to use. This allows members of the Conservatory Outlet Premium Retail Network to send waste UPVC and materials back to the company to recycle on their behalf.

Conservatory Outlet’s Managing Director, Mick Giscombe, said: “It’s fantastic to see how as a business we’ve been cutting down on waste and increasing our recycling statistics year-on-year.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to a more sustainable future, we’re taking the lead and ensuring that there is no waste leftover from our manufacturing process.

“We’re talking about improving this scheme further and our team is looking at reducing that number to the point where we might even be recycling at a net gain in the near future.

“The focus on recycling is having positive benefits across the business, the environment and our customers.

“Many of our retailer partners talk about how green credentials are becoming more and more important to their customers, so being able to back up their work with our efforts as a sustainable and responsible manufacturer is only a positive thing.”