Conservatory Outlet Hosts Two Successful Operations Conferences

Conservatory Outlet, the UK’s leading fabricator of home improvement products, is looking forward to hosting several more Network-wide events after its series of Operations Conferences has proved to be a real boost to its retail Network.

The events, held in both Glasgow and Birmingham, allowed members of the fabricator’s Premium Retail Network to come together to discuss industry-specific challenges, changes to Building Regulations, regional legislation, and other topics relating to their businesses.

As part of the round-table forums, Conservatory Outlet invited several guest speakers to present on a range of topics, including innovative new construction methods and other operational matters.

Conservatory Outlet’s CEO, Greg Kane, commented: “Our unique model allows for events like this to take place where everyone comes together without the fear of competition. The turnout for this year’s events in Glasgow and Birmingham was phenomenal, with over 90% of our Retail Network represented by key personnel.

“These events allow everyone to share their knowledge and expertise and work as one to provide solutions that benefit all involved. They are an incredible tool and have a widespread positive impact across our Network of Premium Retailers.

Internal feedback scores from the two events have reached a 96% satisfaction level, with the attendees praising the organisation, locations and discussion topics. One such attendee was Stewart Kelly, the Managing Director of Eden Windows, who said: “It was another fantastic example of the support that Conservatory Outlet provides.

“The guest speakers were informative, and the wide range of topics that we discussed covered everything from product design to health and safety to the structure of contracts. Being able to ask questions, get answers and see what similar companies to Eden are doing is extremely beneficial. It gives us attendees the chance to learn from each other, share best practices and help each other improve.”

Plans are already underway for next year’s events, though the immediate focus is on the company’s upcoming Sales & Marketing Conference, which will be held at Old Trafford stadium later this month.

Greg ended by saying: “With our annual Sales & Marketing Conference on the horizon – and many more events planned through the rest of the year – we’re continuing to provide value-added benefits to our Network members to ensure that they will continue to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

“Conservatory Outlet isn’t just a manufacturer or supplier – it is so much more. We equip all our retailers with the tools and information they need to succeed.”