Glazpartners is a Winner

Glazpartners – the innovative customer support initiative has won “Best Installer Support Programme” at this year’s Installer Awards in Manchester on 16th March.

The Glazpartners programme was launched by Glazpart (the leading plastics components manufacturer) in May 2023 at FIT Show in Birmingham. Since launch over 50 companies have joined to be part of the sector’s newest marketing initiative.

Designed to develop closer collaboration with customers and promote Glazpartners, the programme has been embraced by companies across the glazing supply chain from systems houses to fabricators through to distributors and installers, as well as trade media and events organisations.

On winning the award, Dean Bradley, Sales Director of Glazpart commented, “We are delighted to win this award at this fantastic event. My congratulations to the Glazpart team on an incredible first year of the Glazpartners programme. Our aim is to work closer with our customers so we can continue to develop and deliver products that meet the market’s demands. And at the same time, we want to promote our customers’ brands and products via the Glazpartners programme and all our promotional channels.”

The Glazpartners concept arose from the challenges the glazing supply chain faced as the industry emerged from the pandemic and lockdowns as well as the UK leaving of the EU – all of which has seen increasing costs and a changing political and economic landscape. The impact on the sector has been considerable from incoming regulations to materials shortages through to an increasingly competitive market where homeowners have become more discerning when it comes to replacing windows and doors.

Despite the challenging times, the Glazpart team looked at ways to offer added value to its customers by identifying market and legislative changes, and subsequently offering guidance and information where possible. At the same time, Glazpart also wanted to promote its customers who are compliant with the regulations and are conducting their operations in the right way. It was decided that a customer support programme would be launched to help Glazpart’s customers across the supply chain.

Since its launch, the Glazpartners initiative has become highly visible with online promotion via the Glazpart website in the dedicated Glazpartners section, as well as via social media, in particular on LinkedIn. In the trade press, Glazpartners has featured in over 150 articles providing over one million opportunities to view Glazpartners content in the glass, glazing and construction media.

In 2023, Glazpartners was also promoted at four major industry events including the FIT Show, Glazing Summit, Interplas and MENE shows. At these events all the brands/logos of Glazpartners were displayed on the Glazpart exhibition graphics. At the FIT Show, to launch the programme Glazpart created a special display area where over 30 Glazpartners contributed specially designed windows and doors for exhibit – making it the most diverse product display at the industry’s largest exhibition.

At Glazing Summit in October 2023, the Glazpartners initiative was further promoted with each delegate being issued with a special Glazpartners’ promotional brochure which highlighted the initiative and featured content from many Glazpartners endorsing the programme.

The Glazpartners programme offers the following benefits for all participating companies.

  • Listing, logo and promotional article on the bespoke Glazpartners web section on Glazpart’s website
  • Product display and branding on Glazpart’s stands at trade fairs and events (including FIT Show 2025).
  • Joint articles for the trade and regional media
  • Branding, listing and discounted advertising in the annual Glazpartners brochure (distributed to over 20,000 companies in the supply chain and at industry events)
  • Use of the Glazpartners logo on stationary and for promotional purposes
  • Promotion via social media channels

Dean Bradley adds, “It is now more important than ever for companies to work more closely together to face the many challenges in our industry. It is invaluable to collaborate and develop market solutions and opportunities. The Glazpartners programme is a winner not just of this award but a winner with our customers who have signed up to be Glazpartners who are gaining added promotional value from the initiative.”

In the next few years, Glazpart has even bigger plans for the Glazpartners programme with development of new promotional platforms and channels to tie in with Glazpart’s 40th anniversary year in 2025.

If you are interested in becoming a Glazpartner, please contact Dean Bradley – Sales Director, or visit the webpage Glazpartners | Glazpart.