Epwin Window Systems is leading the way on sustainability

Epwin Window Systems is demonstrating its ongoing commitment to prioritising sustainability in a series of initiatives that promotes eco-friendly practices throughout its operation and supply chain.

Ray McGrady, Commercial Director at Epwin Window Systems, says: “Here at Epwin Window Systems we understand the moral and commercial imperatives of sustainability. It’s reflected in everything from our smallest actions to our strategic business decisions and investments – and it has been for many years.”

As Ray says, Epwin Window Systems has had a clear sustainability focus for many years. It has recycled waste bar length into RCM (recycled composite material) as part of its manufacturing process since 2009 and in 2018 it was the first UK systems house to achieve the VinylPlus® Product Label.

To support the reduction of the built environment’s operational emissions, Epwin Window Systems offers the widest portfolio of fully integrated thermally-efficient window and door systems. Ray comments: “Our systems help fabricators and installers to deliver the thermally efficient solutions the market – and the world – needs.”

The company is stepping up its commitments too.

In 2022, it acquired Poly-Pure, a leading UK materials re-processor that recycles post-consumer and post-industrial PVC building materials, including PVC-U window frames.

It recently introduced a new 150mm cill incorporating a co-extruded recycled section to the base. This year, it will introduce multiple new mainframe tools that will incorporate a recycled core that won’t be visible when manufactured.

Also coming soon is an ambitious recycling programme that will see customers being offered a collection service for PVC-U frames and factory off-cuts which will be taken to new regional recycling hubs.

Ray comments: “The recycling programme marks a step-change for the industry and it’s something that only a company with the size and scale of Epwin Window Systems could take the lead on.”

He concludes: “As our past, present and future initiatives show, Epwin Window Systems understands the critical importance of sustainability and actively takes the lead on advancing it. Our approach is the responsible way to play our part on the road to net zero – and delivers valuable commercial advantage to our partners at the same time.”