Garnalex Named One of the Top Ten Fastest Growing Companies in the UK

Garnalex is celebrating after the company was named the ninth fastest growing company in the UK according to the ORESA Growth Index 2024. The coveted index champions innovation, economic growth, and the inspirational business leaders behind the featured companies.

Not only is it impressive to make the index, which only features the top 100 companies in the UK, but for Garnalex to enter the list for the first time in ninth place with a 171.07 per cent compound annual growth rate is a testament to the leadership team.

In addition, while there were nine companies on the list from the East Midlands last year, there are only six this year. When considering the timeframe includes the covid and post-covid recovery years, which saw many businesses struggling, it’s even more impressive.

One of the key trends from this year’s findings highlight the rise of sustainable businesses and initiatives. Garnalex prides itself on the sustainable processes it has woven into the very foundations of the business.

For instance, the company uses UK-sourced aluminium to keep its carbon footprint low, while also ensuring supply chain security, and recycles all its aluminium offcuts.

Roger Hartshorn, Garnalex’s CEO, said: “To be recognised as one of the top ten fastest growing companies in the UK is a huge achievement in itself, but when you consider the context and climate in which we and other businesses are currently operating in, it’s fantastic.”

“It’s also proof of what you can achieve when you have the right strategic vision, ideas, investment, products, and people working together – all of which Garnalex has,” he added.

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