AluK has launched a brand new ultra-low U-Value, slim sight line Lift and Slide patio door, which it says will ‘open up’ new opportunities for customers in the higher end of the retail market, where demand and margins are both still relatively strong, and in demanding coastal applications and high-rise apartment projects.

The new AluK S140 Lift and Slide has the slim sightlines and flush sash aesthetic that buyers love, coupled with impressively low U-Values of just 1.2Uw double glazed and 0.8Uw triple glazed.

It’s been designed in conjunction with AluK’s team in Italy so has all the sleek, minimalist flair you would expect, as well as clever UK engineering which delivers a compact 140mm frame depth and effortlessly smooth, double or triple track frame options.

The new door offers plenty of flexibility and can accommodate double or triple glazed units depending on the thermal performance required and, where acoustics are a priority, has plenty of capacity for the larger glass thicknesses.

For fabricators, the S140 Lift and Slide has been designed with easy preps to make it quick to manufacture and a dedicated sub cill and simple add-on for trickle vents. It also comes with the option of AluK’s clever new Quik Clip clip-in bead system.

AluK’s Managing Director Russell Yates commented: “This is a door which ticks every box for fabricators and installers looking to get a bigger slice of the lucrative premium market. It’s easy to manufacture and, thanks to the addition of our Quik Clip system, incredibly quick to glaze.

“Crucially, it’s also available at a competitive price point which will ensure it can deliver strong and sustainable margins. With bifolds and sliders now selling at an almost 50/50 sales split, and the latest industry research indicating that London-based buyers actively prefer sliders, the S140 really is a great new option for AluK customers who want to win business beyond their existing bifold offering.”

The new S140 comes with AluK’s popular Novae handles and impressive security, wind and weather performance credentials.

All the details, including confirmation of the convenient 15-day product lead time, are available at: