AT Precision: Transforming the UK bi-folding door market with precision engineering

As the UK’s love for bi-folding doors continues, these stylish and space-saving solutions are transforming homes across the country, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living.

But with a growing market comes a crucial question: are all bi-folding doors created equal?

Michael Hewitt, Sales Director at AT Precision, believes the answer is a resounding no.

The leading manufacturer of the precision-engineered Everglide range of bi-fold hardware is on a mission to transform the UK bi-folding door market by demonstrating the importance of meticulous engineering in these increasingly popular home additions.

The importance of precision

Michael explains: “While the visual appeal of bi-folding doors is undeniable, their smooth operation and long-term performance hinge on the quality of their unseen components, and it’s AT Precision’s focus on specific areas that ensures exceptional products.

“First and foremost is a focus on flawless functionality – our rigorously tested components, including rollers, tracks, and hinges, ensure bi-folding doors glide effortlessly, even for large spans. Precise tolerances prevent weather ingress and guarantee proper door alignment, even when the elements rage outside.

“A second focus on uncompromising security sees robust locking mechanisms and high-strength materials built into products in order to deter potential intruders and meet the highest industry safety standards.

“Finally, AT Precision focuses on long-lasting value. Bi-folding doors are an investment, and our components are built to last. Minimal wear and tear translate to a longer lifespan for doors, saving fabricators money on repairs and replacements down the line.”

Partnering for bi-folding door excellence

AT Precision isn’t just a supplier; they’re a trusted partner for bi-folding door manufacturers, installers, architects, builders, and ultimately, homeowners.

By prioritising precision engineering, the company empowers the creation of exceptional bi-folding doors that enhance the aesthetics, functionality, and security of UK homes.

Looking to transform your next bi-folding door project? AT Precision has the solution.

Visit to explore their comprehensive range of components and discover how they can help you create a bi-folding door that stands the test of time.