Keystone Market Research Releases Second UK Consumer Fenestration Trends Report, Sponsored by Epwin Window Systems

Keystone Market Research is pleased to announce the release of the second edition of its quarterly UK Consumer Fenestration Trends report, sponsored by Epwin Window Systems, offering insights into changing preferences and homeowner buying priorities in the fenestration market.

The latest edition looks at the shifts in homeowner views compared to the initial survey, uncovering intriguing swings that are shaping the industry. To maintain a balance between new content and tracking homeowner views over time to build up trends, each report presents the data results from a different angle to ensure that the information is as easy to understand and apply to your business as possible.

While the first report offered a comprehensive overview of overall results at a product level, the Spring edition takes a closer look at regional preferences. By examining each area in turn, readers gain valuable awareness of the unique needs of local audiences, highlighting both similarities and variations across regions.

As shown in the Winter report, online search and visibility are playing an increasingly crucial role in consumer decision-making. Therefore, this edition also features expert guest advice from Laura Trowbridge on maximising opportunities in this area.

Charlotte Hawkes, Director of Keystone Market Research, comments: “Feedback on our inaugural report was overwhelmingly positive, with companies praising its strategic value and user-friendly format. Our annual subscribers are finding the Spring report to again be an invaluable resource, with comments on how interesting it is to see the changes in homeowner preferences quarter by quarter and how useful it is for generating installer support content. Building on the first edition results, we’ve packed this latest release with unique homeowner insights and practical guides to empower fenestration businesses and we’ll continue enhancing the format based on customer feedback to ensure we’re delivering ongoing value.”

Looking ahead, the Summer report will analyse results by homeowner profiles, aiding companies in gaining deeper insights into their target audience and enabling them to adapt their marketing efforts effectively. Meanwhile, the Autumn report promises to be the most thorough yet, drawing from the views of over 4000 homeowners by that point – the largest published dataset of its kind – to provide a comprehensive overview of UK homeowner views on fenestration products. Additionally, it will include the first look at anticipated homeowner-indicated spend levels on home improvement in 2025.

The second report is available now, with single report or annual subscription purchase options. For more information, please visit