Safeware unlocks 21 years of security excellence

Safeware, the specialist hardware division of Epwin Window Systems is celebrating the 21st anniversary of its iconic Safeware range of multi-point door locks. Since the inception in June 2003, the Safeware range of feature rich door locking solutions remain a popular choice with Epwin fabricators, demonstrating their timeless appeal and innovative design.

With an impressive record of over 1.5 million sold to date, Safeware door locks have retained their popularity over the years. Specifically designed for use on PVC-U and composite doors, its reputation for high-quality mechanisms and precision design ensures ease of use, reliability and durability.

During its 21-year tenure, the lock has developed into a suite of multi-point door locks, suitable for all market sectors.  Paul Hinds, Head of Sales at Safeware, said: “The family of Safeware multi-point locks is renowned for prioritising security. Over the years, the range has evolved in line with market demands but the fundamental design principles have remained the same, demonstrating how ahead of its time it was when we launched it in 2003.”

The exclusive Safeware 7 multi-point lock was designed in collaboration with Yale. Paul said: “The Safeware 7 is a seven-point lock incorporating three hooks and four precompression rollers. It is designed to give optimum security with ease of operation. The lock is supplied with a one piece keep which features several innovations that are unique to Safeware, saving on manufacturing time and allowing simple, quick and effective installation.”

The latest addition to the range is the development of SensCheck, an integrated smart door sensor, in collaboration with Yale.

Paul said: “We were the official launch partner of Yale SensCheck back in 2022. Yale SensCheck allows homeowners the option of being able to check the status of their doors on their smart devices and mobile phones with instant connected security status for peace of mind. Since the launch, Yale SensCheck has proved popular with our customers, helping them to tap into this growing domestic interest and creating valuable upselling opportunities.”

As you would expect from an Epwin product, all of Safeware multi-point locks are fully tested to current security standards and supported by a 10 year warranty.   

In a sector where innovation is rightly valued, it’s sometimes important to remember that some products will always stand the test of time. The Safeware multi-point lock is one of those products, which is why it’s celebrating its impressive 21 year milestone.