Edgetech takes steps to cut embodied carbon

Quanex company Edgetech have spent decades making buildings more thermally efficient – and in doing so, have helped cut carbon emissions around the world.

However, as well as supplying the outstanding spacer bar products needed to manufacture highly energy efficient windows, in recent years the company’s attention has increasingly turned to reducing its own carbon footprint.

This year, these efforts have seen Edgetech significantly reduce its usage of plastic packaging. Manufacturing plastic is a major contributor to carbon emissions worldwide, and effectively recycling and disposing of it poses an ongoing challenge.

Similarly, the company is shifting to the use of glueless boxes in its spacer manufacturing, again reducing its reliance on a material with a significant environmental impact.

In doing so, the firm is taking steps to cut the embodied carbon of its spacer products – the total carbon emitted in the process of manufacturing, transporting and installation of a product, then its lifetime after installation.

Managing Director Chris Alderson comments: “Edgetech, like Quanex more generally, is firmly committed to cutting carbon emissions – both by manufacturing some of the world’s leading spacer products, and reducing our own carbon footprints.

“Simply looking at the carbon emitted during day-to-day operations is no longer enough in an era where companies and countries around the world strive for net zero.

“Embodied carbon accounts for 11% of annual greenhouse gas emissions, and 28% of building sector emissions – and by cutting these, we can help steer construction into a greener future.”

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