Eurocell Sets Benchmark for Recycled PVC-U in Extrusion

Eurocell, which operates the largest PVC-U recycling operation in the UK, achieved 32 per cent recycled PVC-U in extrusion in 2023, up from 27 per cent in 2021 – setting a new bar for recycled materials in the design and manufacture of its PVC-U windows and doors.

Eurocell’s dedication to sustainability is demonstrated through its innovative manufacturing processes, where its profiles division blends raw PVC resin with recycled materials sourced from the company’s cutting-edge recycling plants located in Selby, North Yorkshire, and Ilkeston, Derbyshire. 

These facilities are pivotal in transforming factory offcuts and old window frames, which would likely end up in landfill, into reusable raw materials. In 2023 alone, Eurocell’s recycling operations saved the equivalent of approximately 3 million window frames from landfill. The business operates a closed-loop recycling system to ensure that waste PVC-U can be reused, significantly reducing environmental impact.

Sandra Gaspar, Head of Recycling at Eurocell, commented: “The increase to 32 per cent in the proportion of recycled materials in our extrusion process, is a testament to our ongoing commitment to sustainability and demonstrates how we are leading the way in PVC-U recycling. 

“By integrating more recycled content into our products, we not only reduce our carbon footprint but also provide our customers with high-quality, sustainable building solutions. We are helping the industry reduce waste and lower its carbon footprint, which is what we want our forward strategy to help deliver as we look to make further inroads in our recycling operation.”

Looking ahead, Eurocell has set an ambitious target to increase the proportion of recycled PVC-U in its products to 40% by 2030. The company’s recycling initiatives also extend beyond its own operations and they are actively working with third-party sites to optimise material recovery and reduce waste, aiming to increase the percentage of waste recycled to 88% by 2025 and to 93% by 2030.

Eurocell facilitates efficient PVC-U recycling for installers and fabricators through its closed-loop recycling system. By offering reliable and timely collections from any  UK site, Eurocell ensures that PVC-U waste is managed responsibly. The service includes all aspects of waste management, from collection and transport to documentation, with waste transfer notes provided to demonstrate responsible handling – a testament to why the home improvement specialist won “Best PVC-U Manufacturer & Recycler 2023 – UK” at the Design and Build Awards 2023.

With a focus on continuous improvement and innovation, Eurocell is leading the way in PVC-U recycling within the industry, providing sustainable, low-carbon products, to meet the growing demand for sustainable building products.