AT Precision recycles 250 tonnes of material in 18 months through new recycling initiative

Leading aluminium bi-fold hardware supplier AT Precision has achieved an impressive environmental milestone, recycling 250 tonnes of material since introducing a new in-house recycling scheme in January 2023.

The company’s Recycled Thermal Reinforcement (RTR) system sees AT Precision collecting unused or unwanted uPVC materials from its customers, which are then processed and repurposed into manufacturing the company’s own screw retention profile bars.

“We found that many of our customers were left with surplus materials after their production runs, so we saw an opportunity to put that waste to better use,” said Michael Hewitt, Sales Director at AT Precision. “By giving these materials a second life in our RTR system, we’re helping reduce environmental impacts while providing a valuable service to our customers.”

In addition to diverting waste from landfills, the recycling scheme has enabled AT Precision’s customers to cut costs associated with unused materials and waste disposal fees.

“The climate crisis demands action from all industries, and we feel it’s our responsibility to lead the way toward a more sustainable fenestration sector,” Michael said. “Recycling 250 tonnes in just 18 months demonstrates AT Precision’s commitment to environmentally friendly practices, as well as the willingness of our customers to embrace greener solutions.”

Michael expressed confidence that AT Precision will double its recycling output by the end of 2024 as the RTR system continues to gain traction among fabricators and installers seeking to reduce their environmental footprint.

“Our recycling initiative has been an extremely worthwhile investment that benefits AT Precision, our customers, and most importantly, the planet we all share,” he added. “We will continue exploring innovative ways to mitigate our industry’s impacts and promote sustainability across the fenestration supply chain.”