Safedoors introduce the autoLock AV4 from Winkhaus

Safedoors, a leading provider of high-quality composite doors has further enhanced its doors’ security credentials with the introduction of the autoLock AV4 from Winkhaus.

Available on doorsets with pull bar handles and finger pulls, this high-quality automatic multi-point locking system takes door security and product functionality to the next level.

Steve Jones, Managing Director of Epwin Fabrication, said: “The autoLock AV4 has replaced Safedoors’ current auto fire locks when used in conjunction with pull bar handles and finger pulls. The AV4 automatically engages multiple locking points when the door is pulled closed, eliminating the need to lift a handle or use a key. It’s a high quality locking system which perfectly aligns with our reputation for offering product excellence.”

As you would expect from a high-security locking system, the autoLock AV4 is PAS 24:2022 compliant ensuring that Safedoors’ products continue to meet rigorous security standards. Additionally, the lock is Secured by Design approved, providing customers with added peace of mind regarding the safety and security of their homes.

Steve said: “We are committed to providing our customers with the highest levels of security and convenience, and the AV4 exemplifies this commitment. With its automatic locking functionality and compliance with industry standards, the autoLock AV4 sets a new standard for door security.”

Mike Rushen, Sales Director for Winkhaus uk, commented: “Winkhaus are privileged to have worked closely with Safedoors for over a decade now, with our high security multi-point locking solutions in use for over 90% of their product range. AV4 was unveiled to a very positive reception last year, and I’m proud to see that Safedoors has taken it on in our latest collaboration.”

The autoLock AV4 requires the lowest force to operate and has the widest installation tolerances, significantly reducing the need for lock adjustment throughout the door’s lifespan. This not only saves valuable time, but also minimises associated maintenance costs, providing a cost-effective solution and greater consumer satisfaction.

Steve concluded: “Safedoors has always brought the reassurance of a brand with an exceptional market pedigree. With the autoLock AV4 automatic multi-point locking system available now on our doors, the benefits build on an already powerful proposition.”