Edgetech technology takes centre stage at cutting-edge Berkeley campus

Tried and tested Edgetech spacer technology has helped create a striking, functional and high-performance façade at Berkeley City College’s new Milvia Street Campus.

Architects at Ratcliff sought to create a welcoming and open environment, maximising natural daylight for energy efficiency.

The 6-storey building replaces an existing building in downtown Berkeley at 2118 Milvia Street. In addition to classrooms, it will house art studios, a library and areas for student support and administration.

The building was planned and designed by Ratcliff Architects as part of a design-build partnership with XL Construction, with CS Erectors responsible for the facade consultation and installation.

And in executing their vision, the stakeholders relied on a unique structural glazing system – featuring state-of-the-art Edgetech technology.

The design called for a uniform grey edge seal, because a traditional black seal would have disrupted the desired clean and transparent aesthetic.

The effect was achieved through a combination of light grey Super Spacer®, grey butyl, and grey silicone.

The result was a harmonious appearance, that allowed the glass façade to seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment.

Creating a uniform grey edge seal presented a technical challenge. AGC Interpane, the glass manufacturer, collaborated with Glaston to develop a world-first solution. A “double-head applicator” was modified to automatically switch between black and grey butyl, streamlining the production process.

However, functionality wasn’t compromised for aesthetics. The lower portion of the glass features a bird-friendly etched pattern, maintaining visual appeal while preventing collisions with the glass.

Additionally, the Super Spacer technology boasts superior thermal insulation properties, contributing to the building’s energy efficiency.

Edgetech President of European Fenestration Chris Alderson comments:

“The Milvia Street Campus is yet another example of the incredible versatility of Super Spacer.

“In this building, and millions of others around the world, Edgetech technology is delivering outstanding energy efficiency, without compromising the architect’s vision.

“We’re certain staff and students will benefit from Super Spacer’s superb performance for decades to come.”

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