Discover how leading hardware provider, Window Ware, has recently helped three customers meet demanding project specifications with bespoke aluminium hardware solutions and first-class technical support.

Elevated offering

Window Ware has helped one building firm deliver a life-critical Smoke Heat Extraction (SHE) system destined for the stairwell of a new development of residential flats in Northolt, London. Initially, the customer approached Window Ware following a recommendation from one of their builders who had received prompt responses and superior service in the past. The SHE system used actuators and control panels (all tested according to BS EN 12101) as well as smoke sensors that operated upon detection to quickly discharge smoke and heat, giving occupants enough time to leave the building safely.

Louvre doors go-to

An Oxfordshire glazing firm recently chose Window Ware to supply two bespoke louvre doors for installation into luxury residential apartments in London. One door was used to hide the condensing unit for an air conditioning system, while the other door was fitted to the front of a bin store. Following previous successful purchases of louvres in the past and a great sales experience every time, the customer knew Window Ware was easy to work with, plus they had the product knowledge and the industry expertise to deliver. For them, sticking with a supplier you already know and trust is simply a no-brainer!

Pre-Vent noise

Window Ware also came up trumps for a fabricator that needed to source window vents for student accommodation in Northampton. The specifications for this project were particularly demanding because the building was located on a very busy main road. Calling upon over 30 years of industry experience and know-how, Window Ware met specifications with the DucoMax Largo acoustic overglass ventilator. This heavy-duty vent delivered the required performance in terms of airflow and decibel rating.

If you need to source specialised hardware for aluminium applications, talk to Window Ware. Even if your requirements are highly specific and you can’t find what you need at www.windowware.co.uk, still get in touch. Last year alone, Window Ware sourced 2983 non-stocked items just because customers asked for them, proving they’ve got the connections and the commitment to go the extra mile to meet hardware needs.

For more information please call 01234 242 724 or visit www.windowware.co.uk